DAY 1 - 1 OCTOBER 2015

10.00 - 10.30 Welcome Coffe and open Exhibition area
10:30 Welcome Speech Enzo Lavolta

Panel I - Economic Development

Giulio Coraggio
David Bordonada - Ana Sancho
Annamaria Di Ruscio
Alessandro Bassi

Q&A Time

Which different business models can be enabled by IoT technologies? Are PaaS (Product as a Service) and Product-Sharing ready to replace the Ownership we are used to? Will the value of Data be higher than the product itself?

12:30 Light Lunch in Exhibition Area

Keynote Piero Fassino


Keynote Thibaut Kleiner


Panel II - Manufacturing

Roberto Dolci
Cosimo Palmisano
Pietro Perlo

Q&A Time

How can novel trends such as Industry 4.0 influence future production? Will new business models enabled by IoT drive production processes?


Challenge Results Presentation


Networking Event in Exhibition Area- Refreshments

DAY 2 - 2 OCTOBER 2015


BaseN workshop

10:45 Networking coffee break in Exhibition Area

Panel III - Social Innovation Panel

Bruce Sterling
Francesco Profumo
Fabio Sgaragli

Q&A Time

How can IoT technologies help in diminishing the digital divide? How can these technologies be accepted, given that they are seen by many as clearly violating privacy?

13:00 Light Lunch in Exhibition Area

Keynote Carlo Ratti


Panel IV - Research and Technology

Giovanni Colombo
Davide Gomba
Anastasius Gavras
Luca Compagna

Maurizio Spirito

Q&A Time

Which are the fields that need to be investigated first? Which are the enabling technologies? Where are the most evident showstoppers? What technologies currently in research are expected to come into our life in the next months and years and change the landscape?

17.00 Closing Session