Different scenarios will show practically how IoT applications will impact our future life. The web page is continuously being updated






This scenario will show how technological solutions can be applied to existing cities trying to leviate major city issues, such as traffic congestion, pollution, security, smart and open city government,


efficient waste management, and more in general efficient management of resources. Widespread use of new technologies must be of benefit for the whole city population, using resources


responsibly and efficiently, and enable new models for sustainable growth.

Projects presented


The QUIES project is a reasearch project carried out by WPWEB, MICROBEL, CERTIMETER, W.P. FORMAT and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin and it has been financed by the tender IOD (Internet of Data) by the Piedmont Region.
It consists of a network of low cost acoustic sensors, installed in a portion of Turin's city area.
The monitored area has been defined in collaboration with the Environmental


Protection Agency of Piedmont Region (ARPA) and the municipality of Turin. This network is able to make a persistent acoustic monitoring (the measures have been carried out for 2 weeks) and can transfer the information to a centralized system, hosted in WPWEB datacenter. These measures are shown on a map in real time, allowing the user to depict noise trends over different time periods (daytime/nighttime, weekly, on specific dates).


Measurements are available in open format on the big data platform “Smartdatanet”. This project involves citizens through their smartphones, thanks to a special app for noise-detection and geolocation. The system can be used from municipalities or private entities that need a low cost persistent acoustic monitoring.


ALMANAC FP7-project aims to develop a service delivery platform with corresponding technologies that integrates IoT edge networks with Telco’s metro access networks thus enabling an integrated Smart City Information System for green and sustainable urban ecosystems. Technological development is driven by requirements from the City of Turin, where ALMANAC results will be showcased.


Two professional applications (waste and water management) and a citizen-centric application will be developed and evaluated. Overall, ALMANAC solution will promote synergies among city services, city infrastructure and citizens to overcome the traditional segmentation and provide innovative smart city services.




S&N-S Light


The Speech and Noise Stop Light (S&N-S Light) is a smart phonometric device with a light detector signalling the exceeding of predetermined anthropic sound levels limits; which can be adjusted according to the space where S&N-S Light is located. This device is developed from the patented prototype “Device and method of sound measure and signal” created by the Energy Department of the Polytechnic University of Turin and its main purpose is training people to control their voices, in order to respect each other. This device encourages a behavioural change in people by allowing to monitor speech noise in inner and outside spaces - such as canteens, classrooms, restaurants, conference halls, waiting rooms, outdoor dining and drinking areas, etc-.


This controlling noise ability will overall improve the acoustic quality of the aforementioned spaces.Through a feasibility study the development of the device’s inner components is ongoing, so as to obtain a functioning and more advanced prototype; furthermore, the definition of the service to be offered and the consideration of different use scenarios are being analysed. Despite there being already similar devices on the market, these are all sensitive to the maximum predetermined sound pressure levels; our device is instead sensitive to statistical levels. S&N-S Light has solved the signalling of the passing of speech noise levels limits in densely occupied spaces:


the innovation of the proposed system is to be set up on statistical noise levels, so that sound levels of accidental noises or useful signals can be excluded. For example, in a classroom the device would not be sensitive to the teacher voice but only to the students’ chatter. The statistical level of reference of the device can be defined according to the space where it is placed. Moreover, the device does not require any particular effort from the users: it does not need to be repeatedly set up, but it can automatically calibrate its attention levels after a first learning phase.


The vision of SMARTIE is to create a distributed framework to share large volumes of heterogeneous information for the use in smart-city applications, enabling end-to-end security and trust in information delivery for decision-making purposes following data owner’s privacy requirements. A secure, trusted, but easy to use IoT system for a Smart City will benefit the various stakeholders of a smart city: The City Administration will have it easier to get information from their citizens while protecting their privacy.


Furthermore, the services offered will be more reliable if quality and trust of the underlying information is ensured. Results are demonstrated in smart cities in Germany, Serbia and Spain with additional partners from Portugal. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609062.




Sap France


The project started in January 2015 and will last one year… One year to achieve one goal: predicate any failure in the water network, based on that real time information, together with static information such as geolocalisation, physical characteristics of the pipeline incident report
In the scope of this project, the research team uses the IoT service on HCP to secure gathering of real time information from water smart meters.


The data will be collected thanks to more than 2000 sensors for debit, pressure, temperature, water storage level monitored by Veolia which is currently maintaining Water network of Antibes and finally, data stream will be analysed through Hana platform and a Hana Dashboard prototype to illustrate predictive maintenance of water network.





From the Future Food District to the Turin today Concept Store
Coop is a network of consumer cooperatives belonging to 8 million members, is also the leader of Large Scale Retail in Italy. In Piedmont with 61 stores.
At Expo Milano 2015 Coop presents possible scenarios of shopping experience with the Future Food District.


A fusion between Coop’s contents and values and the world of ideas, design and new technology proposed by MIT Senseable City Lab and Carlo Ratti Associati. Sustainability and interaction are the bases of the Future Food District: It is a micro universe in which the visitor is invited to explore different interactions between people and food, possible thanks to the use of new technologies and by applying the Internet of Things concept.


Through new technologies we become connected to the real world, eliminating barriers between consumers and producers in order to have a more direct relationship with food. Inside the supermarket it is possible to enjoy a shopping experience via flat screens, displays and interactive tables. This is what we are going to bring into Turin’s new concept store.


VITAL – the Future of Smart Cities
VITAL is an ambitious R&D programme to develop a prototype application platform that will revolutionize real-time, location-based provision of goods and services in future smart cities, by integrating and interacting with a multitude of different Internet of Things data sources and systems. The Internet of Things is a fast-growing and pervasive reality. Millions of physical entities – from consumer products to transport vehicles, from event locations to human beings – are recorded and tracked in time and space. The usefulness of this data, however, is as yet severely restricted by fragmentation, incompatibility and lack of interoperability of data sources and systems.


VITAL is an ambitious R&D programme to develop a prototype application platform that will revolutionize real-time, location-based provision of goods and services in future smart cities, by integrating and interacting with a multitude of different Internet of Things data sources and systems. VITAL will address this by developing a federated middleware platform connecting internet-connected objects (regardless of source platform or architecture) with unlimited potential smart city applications, creating filtering and processing protocols as well as a range of tools for both data providers and end-user application developers.


Two of the world’s great cities, London and Istanbul, are trialling the prototype in social sharing of smart spaces for co-working and sophisticated integrated traffic management. The demonstrator shows the Istanbul real-time traffic console with congestion forecasts by integrating multiple data sources from existing sensor networks. VITAL is supported by the European Union’s seventh framework research programme for the development of smart cities.


CxT (ICT and Innovation for Society and Territory) is a multidisciplinary research centre raised by the cooperation of several Departments of University of Torino: Computer Science, Sociology, Law, Psychology, Management, Economical-Social Science, Mathematics, Statistics; Economics and Statistics, Chemistry, Biology. The Centre develops researches and projects in collaboration with organizations on IOT, Energy, Food, Factory, Society.


ICxT is provided with a Crafting lab, where prototypes are created and a Contamination lab, where companies and University work together. Our lead project is Comfortsense that aims at developing solutions for increasing efficiency and personal comfort inside buildings. IoT solutions integrates software technologies app management by users and decision supporting tools for building managers.


Partner: Telecom Italia|TIM, Università degli Studi di Torino|Centro Interdipartimentale ICxT, Pro Logic Informatica srl, ENVIRONMENT PARK SPA, CSP INNOVAZIONE NELLE ICT s.c.a r.l., Modelway, Screen 99 di Baruzzo G. e Sanseverino M., Sinbit s.r.l., Enhancers s.r.l., Politecnico di Torino


Elise - Aizoon


ELISE, a project funded by Regione Piemonte, is focused on the collection of environmental information, based on a sensor network able to measure specific parameters of indoor and outdoor air quality, combined with a smartphone. A mobile app displays the collected information associated with the users’ personal daily routes.


The data collected , together with the diffusion of pollutants generated by a mathematical model simulation, are displayed on a web platform through customised dashboards and maps creating a decision support tool.Policy makers are also supported with detailed statistics views enabling "what-if" scenario analysis.


Elise project is realised in collaboration with Trustech, Politecnico of Torino, Fondazione ISI, CSP and Simularia.




This scenario will illustrate how wearable technologies will enter our daily lives, in different application domains: for instance, in industrial areas, correcting movements, preventing injuries, optimising procedures; in health, checking different parameters and monitoring in


a non-intrusive way the state of patents and elderly people. Smart Drugs can deliver the right amount of active principle as needed and whose ingestion is tracked by a smart patch on the patient's back. In wellness, wearable can improve the performance of athletes,


maximising performance and results and reducing injuries at the same time. Training machines and bikes can tailor the work to the specific person fitness level and objectives, using wearable sensors.

Projects presented


Wooc by Erplan


Cold chain management is one of the current issues the global market is facing; as a matter of facts, temperature control and monitoring through the whole supply chain is a necessity to maintain quality and freshness of temperature sensitive products (such as fresh and frozen food products, pharmaceutical supplies) and to preserve customers’ safety. Many pharmaceutical products are temperature sensitive (vaccines, insulin, biological products, chemical products, etc) and they require a precise temperature management and control to avoid deterioration and to validate quality.


Erplan designed an adequate and easy-to-use ICT solution based on RFID technology to pragmatically manage processes and to respond to cold chain management and goods tracing needs.

Who is for it?
- Continuous improvement driven companies interested in optimizing supplier – customer communication as result of an integrated supply chain.
- Innovative companies interested in acquiring new web based communication tools that can share operational data to stakeholders in an easy and secure way.


- Companies which have to provide tracing information and cold chain related data to customers and controllers;
-Companies which would like to accurately monitor goods dispatching at any stage of the logistic process with the addition of temperature related information and distribute them to stakeholders in an easy and secure way.




The factories will extensively use sensors and actuators to increase safety, productivity, to fine-tune predictive maintenance and dramatically improve quality. Industry 4.0, or peer-to-peer


communication between products, systems and machines, represents a giant step forward, allowing products to communicate directly with the production line.



Projects presented




Bylogix is a 360° engineering company, ISO9001 certified, with expertises in the automotive, industrial, railways and infrastructure fields. With a knowledge going from electronics to mechanics, bylogix works for its Customers, from R&D to large-scale production. It can operate on components and complex systems, from design to their final validation.


Always in line with technology progresses, bylogix will analyse the integration of IoT, augmented reality and wearable devices as a support to manufacturing. Bylogix will also show what the IoT represents for the future of automotive industry, every day closer to a connected and autonomous mobility.


For further information on our projects and services: www.bylogix.it – loredana.crucitti@bylogix.it




The Internet of Everything Application Platform.

Designed from inception for a world of perpetually rising volumes of data and connections between people, processes and things, Decisyon 360’s unifed platform powers the rapid development of end-to-end solutions.


By integrating data access, advanced
analytics, decision-making and execution capabilities in a collaborative environment, Decisyon 360 dramatically simplifes the
creation of applications that easily scale to the real-time requirements of the Internet of Everything (IoE).




The OSMOSE Stargate is the core of the Smart Enterprise platform developed by the OSMOSE project consortium and aiming to create, organize, navigate and correlate the data related to manufacturing plants and integrating the Real World (where the manufacturing realizes), the Digital World (where the product, the supplies and the production systems are represented by digital sketches and performance models) and the Virtual World (where the manufacturing is virtualized and simulated in what-if scenarios). The use case will rely in accessing the data through osmotic-like data membranes from mechanical precision parts in an automotive supply chain and using mobile devices.


The Manufacturer provides a major scenario focused on the management of the whole production process of mechanical component, from its provisioning to its production, distribution, maintenance and remanufacturing. The Real World includes the physical parts (from rough material to finished part), Tool-Machines for manufacturing operations (turning, milling, quenching, tempering, grinding, polishing…), CMMs for dimensional measurements (both machine and sensor controls), and User Interfaces for workers to interact with them. The Digital World includes the digital parts and related knowledge (stored as the part specifications), ERP solutions for the


whole production management and planning, 3D metrology solution for inline quality control, various databases collecting all information (from providers to management and aftersales service) and documentation related to component’s status, critical features, tolerances, 3D point clouds… in order to better support the product traceability. The Virtual World consists of a solution for visualization of the augmented parts, including a 3D viewer of point clouds, providing all related info about measurement and dimensional analytics results, offering a high value-added knowledge and total traceability system for maintenance and optimization.

AizoOn - Trustech

Trustech - Aizoon


The factory of the future is here.

Intelligent machines talk to and collaborate with each other, with workers, with customers, with smart analytics and systems across all points on the supply chain.


Synthesizing the power of the human mind with the efficiency and accuracy of industrial automation, the smart factory brings better, faster factory systems and processes. Anticipating the future of business development, we bring smart technology know-how to solve manufacturing and supply chain challenges.


The factory of the future -- the smart factory -- is the best modern icon of efficiency where defect and downtime, waste and waiting are long forgotten issues of a long forgotten age. aizoOn helps companies reduce waste and minimize risk, while improving production processes, product quality, and even the human work experience.




This scenario will show how different objects belonging to the same home environment can interact together, aiming at reducing all kind of waste and bringing safety and security to everybody's houses. The Interaction of different smart devices can make the house a better


place to live and enjoy. The presence of smart devices has been discussed since along time, and the very first examples of IoT can be traced to a fridge checking expiration dates of products and communicating them to the owner, allowing him/her to make more


informed choices when buying products; the synergy between all home objects, though, will allow unprecedented levels of comfort and environmental neutrality.

Projects presented



It’s an innovative protection system that can help you to make your house safer from accidents like: smoke, leaks, flooding and intrusions.
IN AN EMERGENCY EVENT This innovative technological device, composed of a central unite device that coordinates a set of sensors keep monitored your house, detects potential smoke above the safe limit, leaks and intrusions.



WHEREVER YOU ARE When a dangerous event is detected in the house, 24h 7 x 7 days, the central unit worns you in real time either at home with sounds and display messages or when you’re out of home (by sending real time SMS to the relevant mobile phones).



BE SAFE With aCasaConMe and Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care S.r.l. product as you have more good reasons to sleep relaxed thanks to an innovative system that will alert you real time.




SmarDTV is a recognized player of the PayTV industry, especially for its expertise in designing solutions which immerges the end user in the PayTV operator’s universe: User Interface, interactive services, enhanced experience through web portals, gaming… SmarDTV always innovates to simplify the end user’s life and to maximize the emotional experience.
As current example in Italy, since January 2015, SmarDTV has been selected by Mediaset Premium to launch a hybrid OTT (Over-The-Top) and broadcast set of services using the SmarDTV Wi-Fi enabled CAM (Conditional Access Module)


The innovative Wi-Fi enabled Premium SMART CAM allows CI Plus and certified DVB-CI TVs to be “Smart TVs” by connecting them to the Mediaset Premium Play portal. By downloading the SMART CAM Control Application suite available on Apple App Store and Android Google Play, users gain access to more than 2,500 titles on Premium Play. Also, they can use a smartphone or a tablet to select their favorite titles to enjoy on their integrated TVs.


The result is a highly compact and elegant solution enabling interactive services on any Digital TV in the market including those lacking in-built connectivity. No extra set-top box or additional cables are needed because the CAM slots fits neatly into the CI interface that exists on all European TVs with a screen-size greater than 30 cm.

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