IoT-A Book

Enabling Things To Talk

The Architectural Reference Model (ARM), presented in this book by the members ofthe IoT-A project team makes it possible to connect vertically closed systems,architectures and application areas so as to create open interoperable systems andintegrated environments and platforms. It constitutes a foundation from whichsoftware companies can capitalize on the benefits of developing consumer-orientedplatforms including hardware, software and services.

The material is structured in two parts. Part A introduces the general conceptsdeveloped for and applied in the ARM. It is aimed at end users who want to use IoTtechnologies, managers interested in understanding the opportunities generated bythese novel technologies, and system architects who are interested in an overview ofthe underlying basic models. It also includes several case studies to illustrate howthe ARM has been used in real-life scenarios. Part B then addresses the topic at amore detailed technical level and is targeted at readers with a more scientific ortechnical background. It provides in-depth guidance on the ARM, including adetailed description of a process for generating concrete architectures, as well asreference manuals with guidelines on how to use the various models andperspectives presented to create a concrete architecture. Furthermore, best practicesand tips on how system engineers can use the ARM to develop specific IoTarchitectures for dedicated IoT solutions are illustrated and exemplified in reversemapping exercises of existing standards and platforms.