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Hereafter you can find the IoT-A Community Newsletters.

IoT-A Community Newsletter #7
You find this edition full of numerous exploitation avenues and inviting you to visit us at ICT 2013 in Vilnius, November 6-8.
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IoT-A Community Newsletter Special #6
You find this special edition mainly covering the recent line up of events for IoT-A: IoT China 2013, IoT Forum Brazil and IoT Week 2013, Helsinki with selected sessions, in particular on the stakeholder workshops.
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IoT-A Community Newsletter #5
IoT-A Newsletter issue ]#5[ features a foreword on the European perspective on IoT; a report on expert workshop covering architecture methodology; an interview as part of intense stakeholder interaction; flashlight on public perception of the IoT-A movie and introduction to the IoT week 2013, Helsinki
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